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How to Trade

Individual Investors

Individual investors may consult their brokers on how to buy and sell PAIF. Standard brokerage commissions and other charges will apply like trading any other listed stocks, but stamp duty will be exempted on trading PAIF's units on Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Minimum Investment Size

Minimum transaction size is 10 units, or around US$1,000.*

*The estimate is reached by multiplying a board lot size of 10 units of PAIF by the initial price of the US$100 per unit (the actual market price will vary from time to time), excluding brokerage commissions, transaction costs etc.

Dealing in Larger Sizes

For larger transaction sizes, please consult your financial advisor.

Professional Investors

Market Professionals may participate in cash creation and redemption through Market Makers (MMs) and Authorized Participants (APs). 

Minimum Dealing Size

10,000 units (the dollar amount can be found by multiplying the fund's NAV with the number of units) or in multiples thereof.

Daily Dealing Limit

Cash redemption is limited to 1.5 million units per dealing day^ (the dollar amount can be found by multiplying the fund's NAV with the number of units).

Dilution Levy**

Up to a maximum of 0.5% of the creation and redemption amount.

Dedicated ETF Capital Markets Team

The team’s purpose is to improve user experience whilst trading ETFs. The team can be leveraged by institutional and professional clients at any stage of their trading process.