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Future-Focused Asian Fixed Income

Asian markets have become key contributors to global economic growth, and this is expected to continue into the future. For investors who are seeking income and relative stability in their portfolios, the ABF Pan Asia Bond Index Fund (PAIF) could be a cost-effective and simple solution. At the same time, investments in PAIF represent a boost to local currency financing to support future economic growth and prosperity of the region.


The ABF Pan Asia Bond Index Fund offers a range of benefits to investors including: 


PAIF offers eight Asian markets combined in a single investment - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The unique blend of growth engines in Asia gives investors broad exposure, and diversification can lead to a smoother investment experience. 

Easy Access

PAIF is readily available on stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Tokyo, investors have daily access and at a relatively low-cost. 


Thoughtful index construction that aims for quality, liquidity, and diversification, has resulted in some investors using PAIF as a consistent income generator and for capital compounding. This is a fund that investors have held on to over the longer term.

Established in 2005, PAIF now exceeds US$3 billion in assets under management. The fund’s strong track record and cost-effectiveness has contributed to PAIF becoming the largest Asian fixed income ETF in the region.1

Fund Facts


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