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Future-Focused Asian Fixed Income

Asian Economies are exhibiting good growth trends. This is due to favorable demographics, strengthening domestic demand, moderate inflation and increased global competitiveness. Favorable historical return/risk profile means that Asian Local Currency Government Bonds can facilitate the drawdown of a level of income without eroding as much capital as other assets.


The ABF Pan Asia Bond Index Fund offers a range of benefits to investors including: 


PAIF offers eight Asian markets combined in a single investment - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The unique blend of growth engines in Asia gives investors broad exposure, and diversification can lead to a smoother investment experience. 

Easy Access

PAIF is readily available on stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Tokyo, investors have daily access and at a relatively low-cost. 


Thoughtful index construction that aims for quality, liquidity, and diversification, has resulted in some investors using PAIF as a consistent income generator and for capital compounding. This is a fund that investors have held on to over the longer term.

Established in 2005, PAIF is the first regional Asian fixed income ETF in the region1 and now exceeds US$3 billion in assets under management.

Fund Facts

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